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Carl Hester’s UK Yards

29.08.2013 in Blog

An Interview with NZ Equestrian Vanessa Way, on Carl Hester’s Yards in Gloucestershire, UK. Carl Hester, MBE, purpose built his UK yards, stealing ideas and inspiration from many of the top yards he had visited over the years.  Since they are now home to many…

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Stable Floors and Bedding Options

20.04.2013 in Blog

Hygienic stable floors, clean stalls and bedding go hand in hand with a healthy horse and are a must if you choose to box or yard your horse. Cost and availability have an impact on what you might choose to use as bedding for your…

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Safer Stables

10.11.2012 in Blog

Our Top 9.5 Tips for Designing and Building Safer Stables   1. Movement of Horses Aisles or breezeways between the stables should be at least 3m wide. This will allow horses to pass each other safely when moving around and when being handled or tied…

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10 Interesting Facts About Wood

15.06.2012 in Blog

Timber is considered carbon negative as carbon taken from the atmosphere is stored in wood. Numerous international studies have confirmed that timber construction is an environmentally responsible way to build. Timber is one of the most renewable, sustainable and lowest carbon emitting building materials we…

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