10 Interesting Facts About Wood

15 Jun 2012, by harrisonlane in Blog
  1. Timber is considered carbon negative as carbon taken from the atmosphere is stored in wood. Numerous international studies have confirmed that timber construction is an environmentally responsible way to build.
  2. Timber is one of the most renewable, sustainable and lowest carbon emitting building materials we can use to address Greenhouse Gas Emissions in residential construction. Timber is naturally generated, responsibly managed, legally sustainable and an increasing resource.
  3. Timber is easy to craft onsite and provides unlimited design flexibility. It can be trimmed shaped and crafted to suit any situation.
  4. Wood is 400 times warmer than steel because it is an extremely effective natural insulator and has significant thermal mass properties, retaining heat from the day and releasing it at night.
  5. In an earthquake timber framing has a unique capacity to absorb movement and sudden tremors. In the recent Canterbury Earthquake ‘light framed timber construction performed very well’ according to a study by the University of Canterbury.
  6. Wood is extremely strong and yet also very light, softwood is, for example, 16 times less dense than steel.
  7. Certain woods have a very high resistance to heat. Such woods have inherent high heat insulation properties and hence work very well in places where the wood would be in conditions of extreme temperatures, i.e. sauna’s.
  8. House fires typically reach temperatures of over 1000 deg C, it is likely that structural failure of steel framing will occur quickly whereas timber framing will maintain its structural integrity for longer due to the “charring effect”.
  9. Wood needs to be treated in order to prevent the onset of decay. There are various different methods of treating timber in order to extend its life all have been safely used in Australasia for over 50 years and extends the life of a post from a few years to over 40.
  10. Over 70% of the developed world lives in timber framed housing


 Author:  Laura Daly, Design Consultant & Director , Harrison Lane Equestrian Design and Construction


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